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3rd Jun 2019

3rd Jun 2019
Studwelders Composite Floor Decks were appointed to install steel decking, steel shear studs, safety netting and concrete to the Royal Navy's new HMS Cambria HQ in Cardiff Bay.
The new HMS Cambria will be a state-of-the-art training facility for up to 4150 Royal Navy Reserves in Wales, as well as accomodating 50 Reserves, when it opens fully in 2020.

In order to give the Welsh Royal Navy Reserves a modern, state-of-the-art, 21st-century HQ, an £11M, 3755 sq ft, four-storey, steel-framed facility is being built by Morgan Sindall in Cardiff Bay, in the middle of ABP-owned Roath Docks, barely a mile from the centre of Cardiff. This new facility will house the HMS Cambria, and give it closer access to the harbour and visiting warships. The entire skeleton is constructed from steel, with main contractors Morgan Sindall erecting the entire steel frame in just 10 days in April 2019.

This allowed Studwelders to get to work. Over the next few weeks, they installed 2600 square meters of ultra-long span MetFloor 80 steel decking to the four-storeys of the building, and welded steel edge trim and over 6100 M19*120 steel shear studs (all produced by CMF) to the building. Studwelders were also responsible for attaching safety netting to the frame, to allow the installation of the CFD steel products to be carried out safely and within FASET regulations. Studwelders also attached steel mesh in order to pour concrete on top of the steel decking to create a lightweight composite floor decking system.

As well as installing steel decking in preparation for creating a composite floor deck, the numerous safety practices and precautions required for their work (such as the use of safety netting, the UKMDA best practice for the installation of steel decking), and the obvious studwelding, Studwelders are also often responsible for preparing their steel decking for concrete and pouring concrete onto the decking themselves, to create an eponymous composite floor deck. Studwelders are members of the Concrete Society and adhere to the industry standard of best practice, SCI P300, when installing concrete and the associated steel reinforcement meshes in a composite deck. Concreting posed some challenges on this project, as the loading out of the reinforcing mesh and loose bar had to be strictly co-ordinated, in order to allow a continuous build throughout each and every floor. By the end of May, steel construction by Studwelders was complete, and concreting was well underway.

Studwelders CFDL Managing Director, Clive Philips said of the project; ‘This particular project was a perfect example of how a decking and concrete project should run, on programme with an excellent safety and quality achievement.’ after the seamless and efficient completion of Studwelders’ contract.

When completed and opened in early 2020, the new HMS Cambria will provide living accommodation for up to 50 people, state-of-the-art training and classroom suites, a dining hall, an armoury room and an external rope training area and parade square for the Reserves, as well as administrative services and social and fitness facilities. There will also be access to the waterfront and docking facilities for visiting warships. The new HQ will provide work space for up to 80 staff, replacing the existing HMS Cambria in Penarth and is expected to serve the needs of the Royal Navy and Reserve Forces for the next half century.

Commander Maritime Reserves Commodore Martin Quinn said “I am excited to see this project develop – it will deliver state-of-the-art training and accommodation facilities for the Royal Naval Reserve for many years to come.” ABP Director Mr Kennerley said ABP were “Delighted to welcome Cambria back to the port. We are delighted to be using our port infrastructure to support such an important maritime project for the region.”

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