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Estimating & general enquiries 01291 626048
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MetFloor 80 — trapezoidal composite profile

FibreDeck Fibre reinforced composite slabs


Save time, money and space with our smart and cost effective alternative to traditional reinforcement mesh

Developed between CMF and Propex Concrete Systems, FibreDeck is a fibre reinforcement alternative to standard reinforcement meshes, con-sisting of blended Fibermesh (a world leading brand of micro-synthetic fibres) and Novocon high performance steel fibres.

These are combined within traditional concrete to deliver a three dimensional reinforcement solution for use with MetFloor composite decking.

Pre-mixed offsite, FibreDeck is supplied ready to pump and provides both a unique technical solution for MetFloor composite decking and measura-ble performance benefits for the lifespan of the concrete slab.


Product advantages

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Concrete quality
FibreDeck’s micro-synthetic fibres reduce plastic shrinkage and cracking, com-bined with Novocon’s steel fibres increasing toughness and ensuring long term crack control.
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Fire safety
The micro-synthetic fibres help to control the explosive spalling tendency of con-crete during fire and provides suitable fire performance with ratings of up to 2 hours.
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Independently tested
Independent testing by NAMAS under the guidance of the SCI to BS EN 1365-2:2000 proved FibreDeck’s provision of equivalent or superior fire performance to tradi-tional welded mesh. Testing by the SCI confirmed FibreDeck’s longitudinal shear resistance to be superior to even A393 welded reinforcement mesh.
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FibreDeck can result in up to 20% savings on site programmes through reduced instal-lation times, alongside potential concrete volume and crane hire cost reductions.
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With FibreDeck there is no lifting or manual handling of welded wire mesh and ensures easier application of concrete with no tripping hazards from mesh reinforcement.
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Crushed ends
Available with crushed ends, improving both fire and acoustic performances.
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Onsite benefits
Ideal for multi rise construction & in particular car park structures, maximising column spacing for increased capacity, combined with speed of installation. Also available with alternative coatings, for enhanced protection in exposed environments.

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