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30th Jul 2019

30th Jul 2019
Studwelders Composite Floor Decks are exporting 4700 square metres of MetFloor 60 and 7600 square metres of MetFloor 80 to Protaras, Cyprus throughout Summer 2019.
The 3-star Flamingo Paradise Hotel is situated on the beachfront of Protaras's most popular beach, and is designed to 'reconnect the city to the sea'.

Throughout Summer 2019, Studwelders CFD Ltd will be supplying exactly 12,500m2 of MetFloor steel decking to the development of the Flamingo Paradise Hotel in south-eastern Cyprus. The majority of the decking is ultra-long span trapezoidal MetFloor 80 steel decking, and the remainder is long-span trapezoidal MetFloor 60 steel decking. Trapezoidal steel decking is a modern design, ideal for reducing the concrete volumes used in the construction of lightweight composite floor deck solutions. The decking in this project, manufactured by CMF, is of 0.9mm gauge steel, the thinnest guage offered by CFD Group, alongside 1.0mm and 1.2mm.

Studwelders CFD will export the steel decking at the end of the summer to Limmassol Port in Cyprus, so that it can be installed in the project by local Cypriot firms. Through a succession of export jobs, Studwelders CFD have built long-standing relationships with numerous Cypriot steel fabricators, and MetFloor steel decking has been installed in developments all over the island over the last decade.

The hotel building, when complete, will cover an area of 3,655m2, and the development will incorporate an additional 1,105m2 of green space, bringing the hotel footprint to 4,770m2. It will have 110 rooms, spread over 5 floors with 22 rooms per floor. Flamingo Paradise Hotel will also house 2 restaurants, a bar, a swimming pool, and a roof garden, hosting local flora.

The design of the hotel aims to ‘reconnect the city to the sea’. The rooms sit above a glass ground floor, giving the illusion that they are floating above the ground, hence ensuring an unobstructed view of the Mediterranean. The communal areas sit on the ground floor, set beneath the level of the nearby road. All the rooms are rotated to give excellent seafront views, and the shape and different colours of each room aim to make each room seem unique to the visitor. The hotel will have a viewing bridge, providing panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

Construction began with the laying of concrete piles. The hotel is mounted on a single piling pad to ensure uniform foundation behaviour. The steel framework was then erected, and MetFloor steel decking will be installed on every floor, from the basement interior to the top floor. Once construction is complete, any exposed metal elements of the building will be painted to protect them from weathering and the maritime climate. White ceramic flooring will be used on the ground floor, as well as the outside plaza, so that the material used is continuous inside and outside.

The MetFloor steel decking will be installed over all the floors of the building in Autumn 2019. Completion of the hotel is currently scheduled for April 2020, for an opening date of May 2020.

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